Thought Leadership

What do you look for in a (link) partner?

We’re conducting a survey for SEO professionals around the world to better understand how we all measure websites and which metrics matter. We hope this will help the entire SEO community by providing a real insight into links and link building activities across the industry. Please help us by completing the survey below… Loading…

Link Building – Are You Trying to Outrun The Lion?

Last week I published an article on strategic link building which was promoted to the main blog of SEOMoz, the world’s most prestigious SEO community. The post has received considerable social media activity, including over 500 tweets, many from influential SEO and online marketers world-wide. I’ll try not to spoil the anecdote at the beginning,… Read more

Lessons learned from Apple’s Social Media Policy

Apple’s Social Media Policy was one of the internal policies and guidelines recently leaked. I have my suspicions that this isn’t a real “leak”, and was intended by Apple’s leadership. Regardless, there are many interesting points Apple’s guidelines make, which we’ll discuss some of them in this blog post.

Welcoming Yelp to Australia

Yelp Australia is launched, following a tremendous success in the US market. Yelp is a major player in the crowdsourcing and customer reviews websites, reviewing hotels, restaurants, and “whatever has an address” according to Yelp Australia’s CEO Jeremy Stoppleman.

Creating A Social Media plan

Social media plan for marketing, recruiting, or customer service can work really well, if done right. These components should be included in your social media plan, regardless of organization type, size, and structure.

Why your AdWords campaign isn’t working?

It always amazes me to see how many companies are wasting their money through the running of poor search engine marketing campaigns. So often advertisers are appearing in the search results of keywords not related to the products or services they offer, what a waste. Even more prevalent is the number of advertisers appearing in… Read more

Website planning – 7 easy steps

Quite often I hear people say to me “yeah, my website is good – LOOK AT IT!” . Yep, it may look great, but does it do the job it is designed to do? BTW – what do you need a website for? Does it have a purpose? Do you think your website fills that purpose? A… Read more

Practical use of Social Media

Social Media isn’t just a tool, it’s a whole mind shift about the way we used to do business.