Who we are

Digital to the core

In this complex digital environment, it is essential that businesses utilise deep specialisations and cutting-edge innovation to outpace competitors and drive revenue.

Our integrated team of experts provide end-to-end digital transformation consulting, strategy and performance implementation to produce outstanding returns for your business.

If you’re after a proven and predictable approach to digital that will fast-track your ambitious business objectives, Orange Line delivers.

Meet the team

  • David Einstein


  • David Klein


  • Laura Pollard

    General Manager

  • Carina Chambers

    Creative Director

  • Ivan Garcia

    Finance Manager

  • Vicy West

    Senior Account Manager

  • MJ Pureza

    Senior Designer

  • Jono Vanmidde

    Performance Manager

  • Bruno Rodriguez

    Senior SEO Manager

  • Cherry Brearley

    Account Manager

  • Jia Yoong Lee

    Digital PR Specialist

  • Jacqueline Bottner

    Digital/PR Account Manager

  • Ashleigh Kwak

    HR Operations Consultant

The Orange Line Grant is awarded to a member of the team each month. It recognises the positive contributions made by the people who power our business, and rewards them with a little extra something ($) to put towards any passion they might have.

Thought for the day

  • “Search is a barometer of consumer intent” – Google
  • “What gets measured gets managed” – Peter Drucker
  • “The best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google search” – Anon.