Who we are

Digital to the core

In this complex digital environment, it is essential that businesses utilise deep specialisations and cutting edge innovation to outpace competitors and drive revenue.

Our integrated team of experts provide end-to-end digital transformation consulting, strategy and performance implementation to produce outstanding returns for your business.

If you’re after a proven and predictable approach to digital that will fast-track your ambitious business objectives, Orange Line delivers.

Meet the team

  • David Einstein


  • David Klein


  • Laura Pollard

    General Manager

  • Carina Chambers

    Creative Director

  • Ivan Garcia

    Finance Manager

  • Vicy West

    Digital Account Manager

  • MJ Pureza

    Senior Designer

  • Jono Vanmidde

    Performance Manager

  • Bruno Rodriguez

    SEO Manager

  • Cherry Brearley

    Account Manager

  • Jia Yoong Lee

    Digital PR Specialist

  • Jacqueline Bottner

    Digital PR Executive

  • Ashleigh Kwak

    Talent Acquisition Consultant

The Orange Line Grant is awarded to a member of the team each month. It recognises the positive contributions made by the people who power our business, and rewards them with a little extra something ($) to put towards any passion they might have.

Thought for the day

  • “Search is a barometer of consumer intent” – Google
  • “What gets measured gets managed” – Peter Drucker
  • “The best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google search” – Anon.