Search overtakes social as the main source of traffic for websites

Search marketing is once again the main source of traffic for websites after losing its position to social media back in 2014. The last study from Shareaholic shows that in 2017, search (paid and non-paid) drove 34.8% of all traffic online, while social fell to a distant second position with 25.6%. This increase has been… Read more

Voice search will not change SEO… for now

Voice search has been framed as the next big thing in the search industry. According to headlines, it will be ‘more disruptive than mobile’, ‘more important than millennials’ and it makes the list for top 2018 SEO trends in Search Engine Land, Forbes or The Next Web. It shouldn’t come as a surprise. ComScore estimates that 50% of searches… Read more

Why SEO is no longer a bad word for big business

By Bruno Rodriguez, Senior SEO Manager Originally published on B&T.   Many big businesses are starting to shift their attitude to embrace SEO as part of their digital transformation process. Search Engine Optimisation experts have always been the weird cousin of the digital marketing family. At best, our unique set of skills made us enigmatic. At… Read more