Social Media

Search overtakes social as the main source of traffic for websites

Search marketing is once again the main source of traffic for websites after losing its position to social media back in 2014. The last study from Shareaholic shows that in 2017, search (paid and non-paid) drove 34.8% of all traffic online, while social fell to a distant second position with 25.6%. This increase has been… Read more

Life of a Digital PR Specialist at Orange Line

After completing an internship in finance, Jia Yoong Lee (a.k.a. JY)  found her true calling working in a consulting role for a hospitality brand taking care of their branding, social media and PR. JY says she really found her stride in PR, but wanted a role that would launch her to the forefront of the… Read more

The Orange Peel – Orange Line’s Social Media Round-up

In the ever evolving world of social media, the past month has once again provided us with platform and app launches, product releases and the odd social media fail. Here’s our round-up of just a few of the biggest stories from the past two months: Real-time video streaming has been a huge topic of conversation,… Read more

Resourcing for Social Media

Now it’s a question of how seriously we take Social Media, and what resources are we allocating to it.

Lessons learned from Apple’s Social Media Policy

Apple’s Social Media Policy was one of the internal policies and guidelines recently leaked. I have my suspicions that this isn’t a real “leak”, and was intended by Apple’s leadership. Regardless, there are many interesting points Apple’s guidelines make, which we’ll discuss some of them in this blog post.

Welcoming Yelp to Australia

Yelp Australia is launched, following a tremendous success in the US market. Yelp is a major player in the crowdsourcing and customer reviews websites, reviewing hotels, restaurants, and “whatever has an address” according to Yelp Australia’s CEO Jeremy Stoppleman.

Creating A Social Media plan

Social media plan for marketing, recruiting, or customer service can work really well, if done right. These components should be included in your social media plan, regardless of organization type, size, and structure.

Practical use of Social Media

Social Media isn’t just a tool, it’s a whole mind shift about the way we used to do business.

Social Media in the Board Room

Social media is widely regarded as a marketing activity, or at least an area which should be looked after by the CMO and marketing people within the organization. However IMHO, Social Media affects the entire business, and should be looked at Board Room and CEO level. Alan See, VP Marketing at Berry Network, suggests that implementing Social… Read more