Google wants to change email forever. Are brands ready?

In February, Google announced accelerated mobile pages (AMP) for email in an attempt to forever change the way email marketing operates. Simply put, AMP is a technology designed by Google for making websites load faster. Since 2016, websites with AMP have seen performance improvements and received more SEO traffic from Google. Despite a costly implementation and… Read more

Why SEO is no longer a bad word for big business

By Bruno Rodriguez, Senior SEO Manager Originally published on B&T.   Many big businesses are starting to shift their attitude to embrace SEO as part of their digital transformation process. Search Engine Optimisation experts have always been the weird cousin of the digital marketing family. At best, our unique set of skills made us enigmatic. At… Read more

Eight Innovative Ideas Direct from Austin

From meditation bots to telescopes so powerful they make images from the Hubble look like they’ve been taken through a pinhole, South by Southwest 2017 was it’s usual mind-blowing convergence of all thing interactive, music and film. Orange Line Directors David Einstein and David Klein hit the streets of Austin to soak up as much… Read more