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Where creativity is heading at Orange Line

What started as a performance marketing agency just ten years ago has now grown into what Orange Line is today — an end-to-end digital consultancy with a flourishing creative department. But it is not just the namesake division that thrives on creativity. Every aspect of our business, from vibrant account management through to the dedicated development team engages their imagination on a daily basis to engineer solutions that give our clients the edge in the digital landscape.

Keeping creativity alive is not something that just happens in an office. Putting effort into fanning the flames of creativity not only keeps inspiring ideas flowing, but also gives you that extra skip in your step as you head to work each day. To this end, the Orange Line team were lucky enough to engage with some of the industry’s brightest minds over the last couple of months.

Here we take a look at some of the insights gained from Creative Director Carina Chambers and Senior Designer MJ Pureza’s attendance of Curvy Creative Women’s Conference 2017, as well as our Innovation Afternoon on ‘Cultivating a Culture of Creativity’. This session was presented in-house by Rob Morrison, a freelance creative consultant whose heavy-weight credentials include working as Creative Director at Cummins & Partners and Vodafone.

Rob has over 25 years experience in the creative industry and regaled the Orange Line team with stories of creating one of the world’s first dedicated cricket websites and what it was like to be on the inside of the Vodafail incident, rebuilding the communication giant’s reputation and customer base.

We all want to create really good work, no matter what we do

This was the core message of Rob’s presentation. Working in digital, our common goal is creating outstanding work for our clients in a time frame that makes sense. But what are the drivers of creativity that make this possible?

1. Having a supportive space

Being creative takes courage, after all you are essentially doing something that hasn’t been attempted before. In order for employees to have the courage necessary to create great work they need to work in an environment that will back them 100%. Luckily for all of us at Orange Line, we work in an incredibly open and supportive environment.

2. Being action oriented

The Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu famously said, ‘A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.’ Unfortunately that first mark on the canvas, click of a button, word on the page is often the hardest. To help stimulate action and maintain inertia Rob provided examples of effective brainstorming tools.

3. Making sure you have enough energy

Creativity undoubtedly costs energy, so it’s important to have all engines running. You need enough energy to reach that point where you can create something great.

We’re just one piece of the puzzle

Speakers attending Curvy Creative Women’s Conference 2017. Source:

Part of what makes Orange Line so competitive is the acknowledgement and astute awareness of the digital landscape in which we work.

It was with this in mind that Carina and MJ attended the Day One Panel of Curvy 2017 entitled: ‘The Future of Creative Content’, moderated by CEO and executive producer of KONTENTED, Kate Edwards. The panel brought together some of the creative industry’s most innovative and successful women to discuss what was coming next in the world of content.

Carina and MJ shared with the rest of the team some of the key trends and takeaways from the inspiring seminar. They launched straight in with some of the biggest creative hurdles facing companies today.

‘One of the biggest issues with big brands these days is the repurposing of content across channels rather than creating content with purpose. The Curvy Panel discussed how necessary a shift in budgeting is. Funds should be allocated towards bespoke creative work for a target audience, dependent on how and where it will be consumed. There needs to be an increase in rigour around the right way to speak to an audience rather than just guesswork.

‘Following on from this theme, the panel pointed out how the most successful websites are those that are providing a personalised experience to users. Delivering what you delivered yesterday is no longer good enough. There are trailblazing businesses without giant budgets still providing tailored experiences, and that sets them apart from competitors.

‘The panel also suggested that emotion is the next wave of engagement. But that presents the all too familiar conundrum of measurement; for how do you measure emotion? It was suggested that a world where we can target content based on emotion may be just around the corner. Something we consider very exciting for all our clients.

‘One thing the panellists agreed upon was that celebrity influencers no longer command the same authority as they have in the past. Instead, talented locals are fast becoming of a higher value as consumers find them more genuine. At the centre of this shift lies the concept of community. What we heard was that ‘community’ needs to be the centre of the brand, establishing this as a brand will influence other consumers.’

Where’s next for Orange Line

With new insights front of mind and plenty of pep in our step, the team at Orange Line are primed to tackle even the most problematic of puzzles. Get in touch if you’re looking for creative ways to outpace your competitors in the digital landscape.