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From Drip to hip – Orange Line pitches in for a cause

At Orange Line, we take pride in delivering extraordinary outcomes for our clients, so when the charity Parenteral Nutrition Down Under approached us for some help overhauling their website, EDM and brand assets, we were eager to lend a hand. This particular project also had a personal connection for one of our Directors, David Einstein, and his wife Miranda.

The Client

The Parenteral Nutrition Down Under organisation known as PNDU, was established in 2009, with the aim of creating an online resource for consumers and carers relying on Parenteral Nutrition (PN) for food supply, when suffering from a digestive disorder. At the time when the website was first set up, there was little to no access to this vital information online specifically related to Australia and New Zealand. Carers of people (a lot of who are children) requiring Home Parenteral Nutrition (HPN), found this lack of information and support to be very isolating when going through such a difficult and life-changing situation. Thanks to the establishment of PNDU, Australian and New Zealand consumers and carers of HPN for Intestinal Failure are able to access information and the support of a growing network.

The Brief

Over the years, the original website that PNDU had set up was no longer effective for their specific needs. While the simple website was able to host the important resources that PNDU had compiled over the years, the unique need for the organisation of these resources, along with access for site members, had vastly outgrown the original website design.

“Our original freebie website served us well in PNDU’s early years, but PNDU had long outgrown it. It was tired —and to be honest— cringe-worthy” says PNDU President, Karen Winterbourn.

This is where we stepped in to help during mid-2016. For their unique needs, PNDU required:

  • A new website that was user-friendly, was trustworthy and relatable to all age groups
  • New brand guidelines and colour palette based on their existing logo
  • An email template around these brand guidelines
  • The simplification of their previously complicated membership form, which also complies with the legal requirements for charities
  • The organisation of their vast amount of information and articles that they had compiled, which was user-friendly and easy to navigate

The Solution

With all of this in mind, the Orange Line Creative Team set to work. We established brand guidelines and an additional colour palette of purple, blues and teal. These colours represented the mission of PNDU and Intestinal Failure awareness while also resonating with the many different age groups that access the site. Hand illustrated icons were introduced in order to appeal to the many children who require PN for their condition. An email template was also set up to reflect the revised branding and provide a cohesive feel to all of their digital assets.

While the previous website already had a fantastic compilation of information on HPN and living with PN, these resources were not well organised and difficult to find at times. Considering the importance of this information, it was vital to ensure that all of the resources and articles were organised in a user-friendly manner. To do this, the hundreds of articles and pieces of information were archived, while the best and most relevant content was showcased and made easy to find for members.

The updated PNDU site

The other challenge was to simplify the previously complicated membership form. In its original state, the legal requirements that charitable organisations are held to made the form confusing and overly complicated. This resulted in potential members often giving up on completing the form and not registering.
With the overhaul of this form, we managed to streamline the application process. Since the website relaunched in August 2017, there has been an increase of members of PNDU from 58 to 96 – that’s an increase of nearly 40 new members.

Of the new website, Karen says “It is such a relief and pleasure to now have a website that we are really proud of and eager for people to see. It is now practical, easy to use, warm and friendly, while also professional —and importantly— includes our association’s membership sign-up process.  As such, this new website is contributing significantly to PNDU’s credibility not only amongst consumers, but also hospitals and industry. We have had many compliments, and are well on the way to doubling our membership since the website launch in late August 2017.”

What were the results?

Fast forward to our first week back in the office for 2018 and we welcomed Miranda and Karen from PNDU for a special announcement. Orange Line was presented with a wonderful Certificate of Appreciation from PNDU, with a special thanks given to our Creative Team for all the hard work they put into developing the site from the simple, template-based site with little branding, into a clean, professional and user-friendly site with a consistent brand message.


“Although it’s a small thing, this Certificate of Appreciation comes with a load of thanks and gratitude. We are over the moon and so grateful for the generosity of Orange Line’s Directors, David and David, as well as the wonderful creative and technical team we worked with – Carina and MJ.  Working with Orange Line was easy and a great experience. Thank you!” – Karen Winterbourn, PNDU President.


We were so glad to help such a worthy organisation in not only added awareness for HPN and Intestinal Failure, but to also enable their invaluable resources to be easily accessed for the many people in need of information and support. The PNDU site has also become the inspiration for other PN-related organisations around the globe, with a US-based organisation looking to change their branding to make their web presence more friendly and inviting for consumers. It is hoped that these changes will generate more awareness of HPN and ensure that consumers and carers, are able to easily access the wonderful resources provided by the organisation.