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Announcing global SaaS partnership with the Expedia Group

Orange Line is working with Expedia and its brands (Expedia, Wotif, LastMinute…) for a data and insights solution for search, after more than 5 years of collaboration as an SEO partner. This bespoke software solution will be rolled out in more than 30 countries for multiple brands and domains and it will be the only global partnership between the Expedia Group and a SaaS provider.

With Expedia Group being one of the top 3 global spenders of digital, a custom search data solution will empower its different brands and teams by adding and structuring large data sets, including millions of keywords and analytics, marketing and commercial data. The result is a tool capable of modelling and predicting traffic and conversion opportunities and structuring them, allowing for an adaptable level of granularity.

We are excited to continue our collaboration with the Expedia Group for a 6th year, a quite rare feat in the SEO industry, to evolve it into a strategic and organisational partnership. Some of the expected results are empowering the Expedia Group to:

  1. Have a more granular understanding of the competitive landscape by geographies, page type and additional tags.
  2. Increase search assertiveness by switching focus from existing traffic/revenue to opportunity.
  3. Develop their own SEO solutions and reduce dependency from third parties for internal link structures and cross-domain opportunities.
  4. Improve collaboration between organic and paid search teams to optimise budgets, visibility and revenue.

This collaboration establishes Orange Line not only as one of the main SEO players in Australia, but also as an agency capable of delivering a diverse range of SEO solutions for some of the biggest international companies in the world, which consolidates Orange Line’s presence as an SEO provider for the Seattle tech industry.