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Google integrating Google+ into its organic search results

So you think Google + is just Google’s version of Facebook? You’re wrong.

Google + may not have the volume of users that Facebook has yet, but they have one major advantage up their sleeve, a not so little product of theirs called Google Search. Google is now starting to leverage this to drive their Google + product through the integration of Google + pages into its organic search results.

Businesses with a Google + page will see more information from their Google + page alongside existing organic search results. Links to Google + pages, recent posts from Google + pages as well as the ability for users to add these businesses to their Google + circles will all start to appear in organic search results.


The only catch is that these results will only show for Google+ business pages with Google + Direct Connect and even then it may take some time as these new features are being rolled out slowly.

With so many businesses questioning why they would need both a Google + page and a Facebook page, increased exposure in organic results and updated posts is a pretty strong reason to get on Google + ASAP.