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Internet Brands and Orange Line just became SEO partners

We’re excited to announce our collaboration with Internet Brands, a group owning 120 of the world’s largest online brands including WebMD, Fodor’s, Nolo, Carsdirect and, in order to bring their SEO to the next level. This new collaboration is based on the outstanding SEO results delivered for Avvo in the past 6 months.

Avvo, the world’s largest legal directory, partnered with Orange Line back in September 2017 in order to address a negative trend in organic search growth. After 4 months of work Orange Line, in collaboration with Avvo’s highly skilled teams, had achieved the best organic results in Avvo’s history.

After being acquired by Internet Brands in January, Avvo was recognised as a case study for organic growth for a legal vertical, compared with other IB legal properties for whom organic traffic had been decreasing for months. After 6 months of work, we’ve achieved a 33.3% increase in organic traffic since September (+1.8M users per month) and a 40.8% increase in organic conversions (+175k monthly conversions).

As a result, Avvo’s talent and processes were identified as Internet Brand’s centre for SEO excellence inside the legal vertical. Orange Line then collaborated with the teams of other properties such as Nolo, Martindale,, and Fodors while continuing our work with Avvo. This positions Orange Line as the only outside SEO agency for Internet Brands. This deal consolidates Orange Line’s presence among the Seattle technological ecosystem, added to our partnership with the Expedia Group, and our work as one of the leading SEO agencies for directories and enterprise-size websites.