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Managing Director of Google at Orange Line Launch

Online Marketing

Nick Leeder Managing Director of Google and Tim Reed CEO of MYOB in Sky News Broadcast

Orange Line launched its new Search meets Social service by introducing a conversation between Google’s top guy in Australia and the CEO of MYOB.

Held at the Hilton ballroom in Sydney, the event hosted by the AICC  and sponsored by Orange Line was attended by 420 leading executives from Australian business.

The most important point made was that

the website is only the endpoint of a consumer decision journey.

David Einstein introducing the event

Business needs to understand this and adjust its marketing practices to ensure brands are present at key points along this journey in order to influence behaviour.

Orange Line discussed the challenges facing on-line business today and impact of the ‘Empowered Consumer’ on the on-line buying cycle before introducing the main man at Google in a discussion with the CEO of MYOB.

The event was  aired on Sky News.