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Practical use of Social Media

Generally speaking, I found many people will resist new things or change because:

1. They don’t understand them, or

2. They are ill-informed (“my girlfriend’s brother heard it is…”), or

3. They’ve thoroughly researched the subject, and realized it isn’t beneficial for their particular situation.

Since I can’t really do anything with the people in point 3, I’ll try to represent some of the common objections I get, when I suggest (or someone within the organization suggests) to look into social media, for a variety of reasons:

Since in my view, Social Media isn’t just a tool, it’s a whole mind shift about the way we used to do business, I actually invite more and more objections, such as:

Linkedin – “What if my good people get poached by other companies?”

Linkedin – “What if my staff connect with clients, and leave with that data base?” (mainly by recruiters)

Facebook – “What if my employees spend their days on Facebook?”

Twitter – “Isn’t it just about what people eat, and the biological outcome of that??”

Slideshare – “Why should I give out my information to my competition?”

YouTube – “We can’t afford video production, and anyway – what are we gonna say?”

And many more…

What sort of resistance do you get (or have) for incorporating Social Media in your business?. Let’s try to solve the mystery of Social Media in the Workplace. Thank you for your participation.