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Why your AdWords campaign isn’t working?

It always amazes me to see how many companies are wasting their money through the running of poor search engine marketing campaigns. So often advertisers are appearing in the search results of keywords not related to the products or services they offer, what a waste. Even more prevalent is the number of advertisers appearing in the marketplace who are pushing less relevant products or services to a searched term.

Don't be like this guy!

If a user is looking for a product or service you supply why not make it easy for them to find that product or service?

Setting up a search engine marketing campaign is a pretty easy process, following just a few steps you can quickly have a campaign up and running. To set up an effective search engine marketing campaign it worthwhile taking your time in setting it up, this will lead to lower relative costs per clicks and better user experience.

Here are some hints and tips to consider when setting up a new search engine marketing campaign.


Analyse the marketplace

Research the marketplace to see who is advertising. Look to see you’re your competitors’ messaging is in the marketplace. Also research your competitors’ websites to see what their product/offering is and if you have a point of difference to them that distinguishes you in the marketplace.

Keyword research/selection

When researching keywords to use remember to choose the most relevant keywords to your offering. The more niche your keyword selection is to your business, the stronger response rates you will receive. Top level generic terms may have more traffic but will generally have more expensive costs per click and will have lower response rates than a more detailed/niche term.

Group keywords by theme

Once you have selected your keyword list, group them by similar themes or topics. This will allow you to apply more relevant ad creative for your keyword groupings. The more relevant your keywords are to your groupings of keywords will improve your quality score and in turn reduce the costs per click you pay.

Effective Ad Creative

Ensure your ad creative includes elements of the keywords you have grouped, including your keywords in your ad creative will help improve your quality score and in turn your costs per click. Have a strong call to action in your ads to entice users to click on your ads. Also try to include your point of difference to your competitors so that you stand out from your competitors.

Relevant Landing Pages

Always ensure that you are sending users to the most relevant page of your website to the keyword searched. This will ensure that users get the information they are looking for as quickly and easily as possible. It may be worthwhile to create specific landing pages for your search engine marketing campaigns to increase relevancy further between keywords, ad creative and the URLs you send your users to.

Only target relevant locations

Ensure that you are targeting locations in which you provide your services, there is no point advertising to users who are able to access your products/offerings. There are many options for geo-location including country, state, region, city and even based on selecting an area on a map.